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look really good

Your reputation is the gateway

to prosperity & influence. 

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About The Book

Drawing from his rich experience in the gamut of public relations, journalism, political communication, marketing communication, crisis communication, and digital marketing, the award winning author has penned an unputdownable bestseller that would guide you to stand out from the crowded market space, become highly sought after, desirable, irresistible and a toast of all.

Looking really good (excellent reputation) is your passport to some exclusive levels of influence and affluence. A good reputation equals more money in your pocket. A battered reputation is a pathway to penury and irrelevance.

Customers and clients in every country and culture patronise and do business with brands and individuals they love. The electorates elect leaders they love.

This book will give you the strategies and approaches that you can adopt straightaway to make you look really good, make money, increase your influence and gain recognition as a leader in your field.

What’s inside


Building a Strong Reputation


Getting Free Media Coverage to Look Good


Swelling Your Bank Accounts with Emotion


How to Look Good Online


What to do When You Look Bad (Crisis Communication Strategies)


Making Money and Looking Good With Excellent Character

Chapter 1

One sunny afternoon in my office, I received a call from one of my clients. In the course of our discussion, he mentioned in passing that he had just turned down a multi-million dollar project because his hands were full of other projects. He had several projects lined up ahead of him which were bankrolled by investors. The investors offering him the money believed in his expertise and capacity to deliver excellently on the projects they wanted to invest in.

Shortly after that conversation, the same day, someone came into my office to borrow an equivalent of $20 so that he could finish up the project he was handling.

According to him, he had combed the city looking for that small token and nobody was willing to lend him that amount.
Contrast these two stories: What made the difference between the gentlemen? Reputation!

One looked good to the extent that multi-million dollar projects were running after him, while the other went around town searching for $20 to execute a project.

This speaks to the importance of having an excellent reputation. In business, your reputation is everything.

Do you know that you can make more money and be influential simply by getting people to like you?

Unfortunately, so many talented and wonderful people around the world are hiding their virtues, potentials, and abilities.

Nobody knows them and they are not speaking out for people to know them.

• You can make more money and become more influential simply by getting people to like you.

• Without having the budget to engage the services of professionals or relating with big media platforms, you can take your own destiny in your hands and promote yourself to stardom, protect your brand and advance your own narratives.

Excerpts from LOOK REALLY GOOD

• Control your narrative by owning your own media. This means you need to create your own personal websites, blogs, apps, etc. Putting all your eggs in the basket of a particular social media platform might be disastrous because one policy or algorithm change can wipe out all your efforts in a day.

Excerpts from LOOK REALLY GOOD

• People are constantly seeking for new information and ideas. When you write to educate your target audience, they will come to confer with you.

Excerpts from LOOK REALLY GOOD

About the author.

SAMUEL O. ADEYEMI is a quintessential Media Strategist with expertise spanning PR, Journalism, Marketing Communication, and Political Communication.

He is the Lead Strategist at Media DNA and Book DNA. He sits on the board of a number of forward-looking companies and non-profits. He is an executive council member of the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Lagos Chapter, the most populous chapter of communication professionals in Nigeria.

He is the Publicity Secretary, Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN), Lagos Chapter. APBN is the umbrella association of all professional bodies established by the Act of the National Assembly; one of the members of the government recognized Organised Private Sector (OPS).

He has counseled and consulted for a wide range of businesses, leading business executives, and politicians across the world.
His writings have been featured on numerous national and international news platforms.

Samuel O. Adeyemi


Africa’s transformation playbook for newbreed politicians